Basic information on
Cross Country and Track & Field

Our goals of the program are to teach  your athlete how to be a better runner. They will learn pace,  how to work hard and work smart, and grow their strength. They will learn about nutrition,  hydration and recovery. Likewise, they will also learn how to assess a course, racing strategy, and team racing.

We will teach your athlete about goal setting, discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, responsibility, and leadership. Finally, we will enable them to have fun and make new friends.

T & F Letter Requirements



Alternatives:  Score in the Region meet.

  An athlete must meet these requirements to qualify.

  • Attendance: Our athletes can only have 2 absences from ALL team activities and practices.  Unless cleared by the coach.
  • Participation: Our runners are expected to put forth their best effort in practice, during training, and in competition.
  • Behavior: Our athletes are expected to be respectful at all times towards teammates, coaches, and parents.

******Coaches Discretion: Coaches reserve the right to award a varsity letter to any athlete for any reason not stated above. They also reserve the right to withhold a varsity letter from any athlete who may reach the time or distance standard yet who does not uphold the standards of character, effort, and commitment associated with Starr’s Mill Track and Field.

***ALL athletes are expected to follow the Fayette County School System Athletic and Extracurricular Code of Conduct. Any violation of this code can result in having your letter withheld as well as being removed from the team.

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